Breakthrough Brain Healing For Addicts: Dr. Headrick on NAD IV Therapy

Posted at September 19th 2017 | 04:18 PM

When it comes to recovery there is no quick fix. I am always open to exploring different methods to assist in sustaining long-term recovery. Like I always say, “It’s not hard to get sober, it’s hard to stay sober.” When I heard about NAD treatment and the success of the clients I’ve referred, I wanted to investigate it more. In my most recent interview with addictionologist and treatment professional Dr. Dan Headrick, he gave me a comprehensive analysis on this possible organic breakthrough recovery treatment for addicts.

What is NAD?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is Co-Enzyme 1, which turns into Niacin (Vitamin B-3) once it enters the body. With NAD IV Therapy, this Co-Enzyme saturates the mitochondria with the essential nutrients the entire body needs to heal. None of the cells in your body can live without the fuel produced by your mitochondria.

According to Dr. Headrick, NAD IV Therapy treatment can heal the damaged brains of recovering alcoholics and addicts. Dr. Headrick so strongly believes in it and its success that I realized I had to explore further.

Throughout my own personal recovery experiences with alcoholism and addiction I became aware of the mind-body connection. Since dependency is a three-fold disease, a recovery plan that includes a mind, body and spirit treatment is essential.

I’m a firm believer in the organic and holistic approaches to recovery. Things like acupuncture, meditation, behavioral therapy, group meetings and all modes of recovery treatment aren’t going to be as effective on a deficient brain not working properly. NAD IV Therapy theoretically recharges your brain faster so all the other therapies can work optimally.

Clinics in other countries have been using NAD IV Therapy for more than a decade. Oral and IV supplements of amino acids have been used for 40 years for treating alcoholics and addicts. Amino acids are the building blocks for the body’s self-restoring abilities. Alcoholics and drug addicts are deficient in certain amino acids and our bodies need those 21 amino acids to improve all vital body functions. However, it takes weeks for amino acids to work throughout the body’s systems and for the results to be beneficial and recognized.

After going through a training course and becoming a certified provider of NAD, Dr. Headrick discovered a much faster and more effective way to speed up the healing process of the brain by utilizing this supplement.

Dr. Headrick reported that after 30 years in addiction treatment he has heard about a different “miracle solution” hundreds of times over. But he says nothing has ever gotten his attention quite like this. “It’s the thing I’ve been waiting for,” he says, adding an important note that every single adult could benefit from NAD IV Therapies. It doesn’t matter what drug they were on, how long they were addicted or what age addict they are —he suggests every single person with the disease of addiction needs this as a brain booster and effective healing.

But this treatment begs the question: “Is this evidence-based medicine?” Yes, it’s just not in the mainstream…yet.

Innovative Addiction Treatment

NAD is at the vanguard of innovative addiction treatment: boasting faster detox and decreased withdrawal symptoms, fewer cravings, and more endurance in drug and alcohol treatment, NAD virtually eliminates the need for harmful medication. The expedited brain healing comes with recovery benefits including mental clarity, deep sleep and mood stabilization.

NAD is all natural and organic—in quite a literal sense it is something you, as a living organism, naturally produce. NAD is already in everyone’s cells—your body tries to produce its own NAD. When NAD gets used as fuel in your mitochondria, the body tries to recycle it. In recovery, your cells are running low on NAD but with NAD IV Therapies every single cell in your body is getting flooded with something massively beneficial.

NAD IV Therapy: Healing The Brain

NAD IV Therapy is purely and simply an IV filled with NAD and saline. But don’t let the simple solution fool you—it’s packing a punch that can get even the most drained brain running again! People who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and PTSD have been treated with NAD IV Therapy.

Why is this important? When it comes to drugs and addictive substances, chronic use wreaks havoc on our brains. Certain drugs cause more damage than others. The worst culprits are the stimulants: speed, meth and MDMA. All stimulants are really rough as they deplete the brain of its natural production of energy and it’s natural stores of NAD in addition to many other vitamins. They burn out the brain, running it down to empty and if there’s no place to stop and refuel, you might just have a complete breakdown.

The neurons and every nerve cell in the brain have thousands of mitochondria pumping out energy for it to work. From your heart to your brain to your neurons and every single skin cell, NAD gives your body the power to do its job and function efficiently. With the increase of NAD to the brain, neurological illness is going to improve immediately.

Dr. Headrick says the number of days for treatment varies from 5 to 10 depending on each case and that the addicts’ brain is extremely sensitive. Although most energy producing bio chemical reactions have a negative stimulatory affect on people going through detox, NAD provides a very different kind of energy, the kind highly sought after and valuable in treatment centers for:

  • Mental clarity and focus.
  • Being able to participate in groups.
  • Improved interaction with counselors and peers.
  • A 15% increase in physical endurance.
  • Better, deeper sleep: including REM sleep and vivid dreams.*

*Dr. Headrick has found that the people who dream the most in recovery have had the best outcomes and that it’s directly proportional to sobriety. Most people coming off drugs recognize they have not dreamt in years. The brain needs those dreams to heal and recharge.

When it comes to recovering alcoholics and addicts, NAD IV Therapy implementation is better sooner rather than later. NAD IV Therapies ideally should be implemented within the first 24 hours of sobriety.

Fill Up On Pure Premium Fuel With NAD IV Therapy

Filling up on NAD is like going to the gas station and choosing premium fuel. I’m really thrilled to educate people and bring awareness to yet another amazing new alternative therapy for addiction treatment. Dr. Headrick has helped over 17,000 addicts and alcoholics get sober and his over 30 years as an “addictionologist” is simply inspirational.

At the end of the day, the only goal, the most important one, is to bring and make available the highest level of recovery care and treatment to as many people as possible.

As someone I truly look up to, Dr. Headrick is my own personal pioneer in addiction treatment. This is something I will continue to explore and will definitely be doing a follow-up interview on the latest and greatest studies of NAD.

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