Introducing Widespread Recovery

Posted at October 14th 2016 | 09:00 AM

The entertainment industry added fuel to the fire for me; easy access to drugs and alcohol made my bottom come a lot quicker than for some.

Things get bad pretty quickly in the throes of an active disease. I’ve found that it’s not hard to “get sober”; it’s just really damn hard to remain sober…consistently. It’s why I co-founded Widespread Recovery. Widespread Recovery offers a comprehensive community-based approach to sober living. The majority of our staff at Widespread Recovery has several years in recovery, enabling them to create a totally safe judgment-free place, where they can also share their own triumphs and challenges with residents.

With a focus on long-term sobriety and specifically aftercare, we recommend treatment before coming to us, as we focus mainly on the after treatment – treatment.

Clients come to us after 30, 40 or even 90 days of recovery at a facility where they actively arrest their disease and get stabilized. But rehab is just the beginning. You can’t learn to “live sober” in a sheltered environment like a treatment facility. Once you leave rehab and return home, old habits can be hard to break, so planning ahead is a must.

You can only do it, day in and day out, in the real world, facing all of your issues without the “medicine” that you used to use just to cope. It can be difficult for some people.

How Widespread Recovery Is Different

Widespread Recovery is a relatively new sober living facility in Orange County, California offering two all-male residences near downtown Laguna Beach. Widespread Recovery distinguishes itself by providing both structure and recovery-supportive activities which help our clients to build social and recreational habits that will support their sobriety for years to come.

What separates us is not only that we are focused on AFTERcare, but also that we hold an ethical standard to this. Providing quality care, and following through with our listed services.

Widespread Recovery is all about Foundation & Fellowship

There’s nothing that supports long-term sobriety better than a sober support system of a fellowship. You’ll be able to meet others who have been through similar situations you have and are also recovering from addiction. If have a problem or struggle in the future, these are the people you can turn to.

Widespread Recovery Promotes Happiness


Introducing Widespread Recovery: The Art of Recovery

In the depths of our addictions we stopped doing the things that we loved, those things that brought a natural “ high.” It’s not a bad thing to find healthy behaviors that bring joy and a sense of euphoria into your sober life! For me it was skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, playing baseball and so much more. That’s why at Widespread Recovery we do things like turn our garage into a boxing ring, have a surfing expert come for lessons…go on outings, and get proactive in our recovery with an aim of having fun.

How Widespread Recovery Works

Residents must have 30 days of sobriety to enter Widespread Recovery and demonstrate a motivation to change during the application process. In order to stay with us there are a few simple rules and regulations:

  • No use of drugs or substance’s: It’s pretty obvious why, but daily continuous abstinence helps promote clarity and a change in behaviors.
  • Chores, life skills: In addition to keeping your room clean and organized, each Sunday the residents deep-clean their house and wash their linens. Afterwards, even though there is a mandatory house meeting, an on-site 12-step meeting, there is also The Family BBQ—a meal for the entire Widespread Recovery community including program alumni. Told you we like to have fun!
  • Be on time for curfew: Lights out is 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. During the evenings, residents must adhere to a “good neighbor” policy of quiet hours—with no loud noise or music—so others can relax or study. In the spirit of building a community of people outside of the fellowship, visitors who are sober-supportive friends, are welcome. Widespread Recovery limits guests to the common areas in both houses.
  • Work, school or volunteer: Residents are required to be employed, in school and/or looking for work. If you aren’t employed or in school you are required to do volunteer work in the community-which is facilitated by the Widespread Recovery staff. There is guidance for enrolling in school from the Program Administrator, and even educational sessions on job search and resume writing.

In summary, you can’t unlearn patterns of a lifetime in 30 days. That’s why I believe so passionately that aftercare, attending meetings, and working a program is so important for achieving success, every day.

I’m not a clinician but the science behind alcoholism was so important for me to know…I believe in providing the knowledge, education and awareness about our disease to help our clients achieve long-term sobriety. Mentoring with prevention skills and motivation to keep moving forward–it’s all part of what was done for me and I’d like to pay it forward.

Reach out to us: Widespread Recovery by phone: 888-374-4295 or by email:




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