ET Canada: Jason Wahler On Battling An Alcohol Addiction: ‘If I Had Not Changed, I Don’t Think I’d Be Alive’

Posted at September 11th 2019 | 05:53 PM

Jason Wahler is opening up about finding a new beginning after years spent battling an alcohol addiction.

Speaking with ET Canada, the 32-year-old reality television star, who appears with his wife Ashley Slack on “The Hills: New Beginnings”, discusses the highs and lows he faced with alcohol off-camera.

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“If I had not changed, I don’t think I’d be alive,” Wahler says. “The depths of addiction took me to suicidal ideations and not only contemplations of them, but actually attempting. I was in a very dark place in my life. I was very, very sick.”

Now sober, Wahler, who famously dated Lauren Conrad on “The Hills”, explains that to viewers “on the outside” his life looked “amazing.”

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He recalls, “You know, the money, notoriety, houses, girls, whatever you kind of wanted to put on this platform, which society says is great. I had all that! I just felt so empty when I looked in the mirror. I was just so unhappy with what I saw.”

After allegedly hitting rock bottom at the age of 18, Wahler says he began seeking treatment for his alcohol addiction.

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“The disease doesn’t discriminate,” Wahler says, opening about about the stigma around the disease. “It affects all walks of life, but it’s the way it’s looked at. You know, I think it’s so important that we change that dynamic.”

Joining her husband, Slack adds that it was not “an easy road,” revealing that Wahler relapsed in 2017 when she was pregnant with their daughter Delilah Ray.

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“I went through my whole pregnancy when Jason was under the influence and he was in the depths of his disease and I was not in a good place,” she says.

Revealing that she did a 12-step program “for people who are affected by the disease of alcoholism and addiction,” Slack says, “It really helped me focus on myself and do more self-care.”

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Currently, Wahler says that he helps people dealing with substance abuse “get into treatment.”

He explains, “We’ve gone through so much stuff in the last five years – four years. It’s been crazy, so we’re able to utilize our trials and tribulations.”



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