Life is Progress

Jason aligns himself with many causes and projects that fit his core values. REVIIB is one of those companies doing it right and for the right reason. It’s one that promotes giving, connecting with others, support and strength. All the qualities needed to achieve long-lasting sobriety and live a good life.

Mission & Vision
Reviib is a movement that encourages people to find passion and purpose in life by promoting human, mental and spiritual connections. Our goal is to provide inspiration, insight and useful tools which empower to reevaluate your status quo and propel you to find a more fulfilling life.

At the forefront of the movement is our signature Boxing Glove Pendant that acknowledges life’s challenges while presenting an inspiration for hope and encouragement to “fight forward.” The pendant comes in our state of the art signature box. It serves as a tangible reminder that there is support in your corner and someone who believes in you to be able to conquer life’s challenges, both positive and negative.

Our mission is to open the world’s eyes to how important the concept of support is to someone in need of strength and encouragement. With the support given, the receiver of this one-of-a-kind jewelry piece and presentation box will be encouraged to “fight forward” through life’s challenges.

Always remember, “We are in your corner.”


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