Widespread Recovery

Founded by brothers Jason and Rick Wahler, Widespread Recovery delivers highly structured sober living environments to adult men and focuses on the transition out of treatment in a safe and stimulating environment, with a mission of improving lives in recovery. There are a number of fundamental elements to this model; namely, fitness and wellness, purpose and goal setting, human connection, citizenship and service, connection and community, work or school and addressing advanced recovery issues. The philosophy is integration, not isolation and Widespread clients commit to their recovery, connect with peers and healthy recovery role-models and succeed in life.

Widespread Recovery believes that Sober Living is not merely the next indicated step in a treatment plan, it is the first step towards personal recovery. We are not in the business of arresting addiction and we do not provide treatment. We do provide an esteeming environment of change supported by the recovery behaviors that have helped every one of us maintain sobriety. The hardest part of early recovery is the transition out of treatment and into the world. We are here to support your transition and help make you successful. When you finish our program our hope is that you don’t just have more sober days, but we have improved your life and increased your chances at maintaining long-term sobriety. This is all done amidst the backdrop of Laguna Beach supported by one of the most vibrant recovery communities in the world. We leverage relationships within the recovery world to increase our client’s opportunities for fellowship and encourage the real medicine; human connection. We all need help navigating this new way of life, let us support you.

Goals of Widespread Recovery:

  • Stay clean and sober no matter what
  • Socialize in a group setting
  • Break patterns of isolation
  • Double occupancy and housemates
  • Community events and immersion
  • TheShare
  • Discover role models for healthy Recovery
  • Avoid risky places, situations & people
  • Develop self-responsibility
  • Learn to ask for help and support
  • Develop your Recovery Capital
  • Have fun sober!
  • Overall Wellness
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Get back to work or school
  • Build Esteem
  • Be of service

Take the first step towards personal recovery
Premier sober living in Laguna beach for men.


Speakers In Recovery

A Speaker’s Bureau Bringing Together the Leaders in Addiction Recovery.

We at Speakers In Recovery represent “Miracles” – former addicts and codependents who are reclaiming their lives and wish to share their stories of recovery with others!

Our mission is to raise awareness that an “addict” is no longer the stereotypical ‘brown paper-bag alcoholic.’ Addiction doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, race, economic status, or job title… and we at Speakers In Recovery do not discriminate against any addiction.

Our speakers have faced Substance abuse, Sex, Love, Food, Gambling, OCD (repetitive ritualistic thinking), Fantasy (Daydreaming/Disassociation) and Codependency (addiction to the “addict”).

Our goal is to release the shame of addiction, all addictions, by talking honestly about the “unspeakable.”



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